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It’s official, Liz and I are now married, we formally tied the knot here in London. It was one of our typically unplanned spontaneous decisions, I was literally passing our local Town Hall and popped into enquire about getting married. Here in the UK you have to give notice so I booked the first available date and went home to check Liz hadn’t changed her mind.

What we didn’t know was that we both had to attend an ‘Interview’ (More like an Interrogation) which I would have failed completely if the lady hadn’t had such a great sense of humor. What man really knows the Middle name or Birthday of their future bride…..(we’ve only been living together for seven years).

As we left the town Hall it dawned on us that there was much more to organize than just the service. Our good friends Eddie and Candice have spent over a year organizing theirs, visiting venues, attending wedding shows and endless meeting and fittings. What were we going to do with just a few weeks notice and no cash? We’ve only just bought our flat and we certainly had no intentions of dipping into our travel fund.

IMG_1409OMG, We’re Married….

As luck would have it there is a ‘Fish & Chip Shop’ directly opposite Islington Town hall, what a fantastic idea, Fish & Chips at a wedding…… so we went in and reserved their largest table. Please keep in mind that the Mayors Parlor which Liz has fallen in love with for our wedding only takes 12 so we were somewhat limited.

IMG_8262 copyFamily and Friends

As you’d expect from a Fish & Chip shop,, the menu is ‘Limited’ but next door there’s the Udderlicious ice cream parlor. Now my passion for ice cream is no secret, in fact I love all things sweet so an ice cream wedding cake sounds perfect. Fortunately Raj the owner was well up for the idea but first we had to first educate him in English Wedding cake etiquette ingredients. In the end we settled for a base of dark chocolate with raisin and marzipan wrapped in white chocolate ice cream. There is only one word to describe it, “Heaven”


You’d have thought Fish N’ Chips and Ice Cream would have been enough but to make the day truly memorable we arranged a ‘Lock in’ at a local bar called ‘The Pharmacy’ which as the name suggests is kitted out like an Old fashioned Victorian chemists complete with a secret room hidden behind a bookcase…. Very Harry Potter and to add to the fun, there were only 2 cocktails available. ‘Shotgun Wedding’ & ‘Virgin Bride’ (Alcohol Free).

IMG_8546 - Version 2Our After Party

The following week we went to Eddie & Candice’s wedding near Oxford. It was an amazing day with family arriving from every corner of the world. and a far cry from our ‘Pop up’ nuptials.

Liz pic for CB360Eynsham Hall in Oxforshire

With so much love in the air and signs of summer finally arriving, things were looking pretty good but a death in the family soon brought us down to earth. Anthony was only 66 and had retired less than a year ago. This strikes me as incredibly unfair and so similar to Liz’s Dad who also passed away soon after his retirement.

R.I.P. Anthony Pant, you will be sadly missed but always remembered with a Smile.

Last month we decided to hit the road again but we didn’t really have a plan as to where and when. We still don’t have a clear plan and it’s incredibly scary to head off into the unknown but if there’s anything to be learned from recent events then it’s “Life is simply much too precious” to be wasted in an office. We still have no idea where we will end up or what we will do to support ourselves but we’re sure as hell going to have some fun working it out.

If you have any suggestions please let us know, we’d love to hear your ideas and experiences.

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