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If you want to try living in another country on your Career Break, why not Vietnam? After spending over a year there on our Sabbatical leave, here are our top 5 reasons to drop everything and give it a go.

Career break in Vietnam

Fantastic beaches

Vietnam has some AMAZING beaches.  Our favourites are the North Beach in Hoi Ann, (ask anyone how to get to the ‘local beach’) Mui Ne is popular and just about everywhere on Phu Quoc Island will do the trick. If you ever get tired of the beaches here, Vietnam is a great travel hub with China to the North, Singapore and Indonesia to the South and lets not forget neighbouring Cambodia which rates high on our World’s Best destinations to visit.

Vietnam beachParadise

The best coffee in the world

Compared to Vietnamese coffee, the French and Italians have nothing to bring to the table.  Coffee is the new Vietnamese revolution.  Everyone loves coffee, and I don’t mean the watery stuff you get in Europe.  Vietnamese coffee puts espresso’s to shame.  Why not cool down in the heat with a Café Da pronounced Ca Phe Da (ice coffee), but be warned, one is enough or you’ll be bouncing off the walls for the rest of the day.

Vietnam coffeeCafe Da – ‘Rocket Fuel’

Endless FREE Wi-fi

When you look around any Vietnamese coffee shop, everyone will be surfing the net for FREE.  This makes Vietnam a great place to base yourself if you’re setting up or running an online business or earning extra money from Odesk, Elance, People per Hour etc.

remote workingExcellent Free Wi-Fi everywhere

You’ll become a Noodle Master

What the Vietnamese don’t know about noodles isn’t worth knowing.  The Vietnamese are nuts about noodles and can’t comprehend why the English language only has one word for ‘noodle’, when there are so many different types.  There are flat noodles, fat noodles, thin noodles, egg noodles, rice noodles, breakfast noodles and lets not forget processed packet noodles to name just a few.

cooking noodlesThe whole country has gone Noodle MAD

You get a lot for your money.

Your money goes a long way in Vietnam and if you’re working out there with a legitimate bank account, then you’ll be extremely happy with the  interest rates.  If you’re staying for a month or more you can negotiate an excellent rate at your Guesthouse (we got $11 a night) and apartment’s are great value at between $550-$650US for a three bed apartment (98sq M). As an English teacher, you can earn between $18-$30 an hour, which goes a long way and there is no shortage of opportunity here. Vietnam is one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

HCMC by nightHCMC (Saigon) at night

Is it any wonder the Vietnamese people are ALWAYS smiling, don’t forget to let us know what you think when you get there.

images (1)Click flag for Vietnam Administration of Tourism

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