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Career Break Bucket List part 1

Bora Bora

If ever there was a picture of paradise then this is it. Ever since Captain Cook took a Sabbatical and discovered these islands, they’ve been a magnet for travellers and tourists. Sadly most of the region is given over to luxury resorts these days but I suppose perfection comes at a cost.

Visit Bora Bora on your Career Break or Sabbatical


Pamukkale, Turkey

Known locally as ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish, this World Heritage site is a picture of peace and tranquillity amongst some of the most surreal landscapes on earth. Natural eruptions, vivid colours and bizarre calcium rock formations. Amongst all this, the sacred pool and Roman Temple of Apollo attract visitors from all over the world.

Visit Pamukkale in Turkey for your happy holiday


With the smallest population in Europe, Iceland is a wonderful place to visit, full of glistening fjords, vast volcanic deserts and picturesque glacier-cut valleys. Iceland’s abstract landscapes have for centuries been the setting for the rich oral history of Nordic tales are now prized as a photographers dream location.

Iceland blue lagoons

Masai Mara

Named after the Masai people this reserve is exceptional for it’s wildlife year round but the annual migration of zebra, gazelle and wilder beast to and from the Serengetti from June to October make this one of the greatest sights on earth. Amongst this, the Masai people still live in accordance with their traditions and nomadic lifestyle.


Serengetti for a happy holiday

Angkor Wat

Located near Siem Reap in northern Cambodia, this is one of the most important  collection of Hindu and Buddhist temples in the world. It’s difficult to understand how these highly symbolic structures, better known to us in the west as the spectacular setting of the Lara Croft’s film, could have remained undiscovered for so long.

See the sunrise over Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia


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