Why we created this site

The idea of a CareerBreak was unknown to us and probably still is to many, but some 90,000 people in the UK are set to trade in their parking permit for a passport and join the three million workers who have already taken a CareerBreak over the past five years.  According to new research from Direct Line Insurance, Wanderlust is the main reason why people are packing their bags -43 percent having always wanted to go travelling.  However, one in three workers planning a sabbatical say they are looking to take a break from the rat race (30%) and one in four claim to be suffering from burn out.

Since our return to the UK, we have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have said to us that “we have always wanted to do something like that” and “I just wish I could be as adventurous as you”.  Sadly these comments are usually followed by a list of the reasons why they can’t.  Children, Mortgage, Family etc etc…

Nothing unusual in that you may say, but what has surprised us is that the majority of these people are highly motivated and successful professionals in all other areas of their lives; but, when it comes to achieving their life long goals, fear and self doubt seem to stop them at the first hurdle.

Lets face it, embarking on the unknown is scary.  This is why we have set up this blog and forum to help you reach your goal.  The reality is that there is nothing to fear but like anything worth achieving in life, it does take commitment.

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