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If you love volunteering on wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in southern Africa,  African Conservation Experience may be the wildlife volunteer organisation for you.

African Conservation Experience give you an excellent opportunity and insight into Southern African wildlife conservation projects.  Volunteers work along side wildlife experts in their chosen fields including zoology, marine biology, game rangers and field researchers from anything between a couple of weeks to a few months.

If you’re a hands on person you can work in animal rehabilitation centres helping injured and confiscated wildlife, or alternatively you could experience the wildlife in their natural surroundings working with game ranges and field researches to help with population mapping, wildlife surveys and behavioural studies.  If you’re interested in volunteering on wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in Southern Africa, check out this video with Ellen Sziede.


For more information go to their website, facebook or twitter page.


Ellen Sziede

African Conservation Experience

I’d like to introduce you to  African Conservation Experience.  We arrange conservation volunteering opportunities at wildlife projects in South Africa.  So it’s for people from all backgrounds who are interested in wildlife and go out to Africa from anything from two weeks up to a few months and be involved in a conservation project.

If you’re more of a hands on kind of person, want to get really close to wildlife this project life theirs projects like animal care and rehabilitation centres where you would really work hands on with animals every day often injured or confiscated wildlife

If you’re more interested in observing wildlife in the natural environment.  There’s also plenty of projects where you’d be working with game rangers or field researches and these kind of projects are helping with wildlife surveys, population mapping, behavioural studies.  Great ways of seeing wildlife, observing wildlife  but totally different from a safari because you behind the scenes, you really understanding everything that goes on in wildlife management and wildlife behaviour.

You could also just give yourself a learning experience and join a wildlife course.  These courses are not going to turn you into professionals in a few weeks time, it takes a bit more than that; but they give you a great introduction to see if it’s something that you may want to explore a bit more professionally.

So you can do a wildlife tracking course which is quiet intensive, very challenging, very adventurous, really reading the environment, or just give yourself a though introduction of a game ranger course learning about wildlife habitats in Southern Africa.

So these kind of experiences, on the one hand you are giving back to wildlife if you’re passionate about conservation and you want to have a more meaningful experience than just going on safari and watching wildlife again. They can also be a bit of a sneak preview  if you are thinking about a career change.  Is this something you could do?  It gives you a chance of working along side professionals, talking to people that have done this as a career, are doing it, how did they get there?  what kind of training does it take?  What is it really like working as a field researcher?  So you can borrow someone else’s life for a little bit, try a different profession, see if it is the kind of life that you can live.

African volunteer wildlife conservation program


If you want to volunteer on a wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in Southern Africa, contact the African Conservation Experience, click here

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