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We love Art Safari.  Ever wanted to go painting in Africa? Dreamed of drawing in Asia?  Art Safari create art holidays to cater to all abilities.

Mary-Anne Bartlett, founder of Art Safari, is passionate about art and adventurous travel. Her company offer unique art safari holidays where both amateur and professional painters can experience, paint and draw the warm reds and oranges of Africa, the blues, whites and greys of Antarctica, the greens of Europe and the vibrant kaleidoscope that is Asia.

Not only do you get to see amazing places, but Art Safari provide tutors and guides to help you grow your skills while experiencing these magical destinations.  Your sketchbook will become your photo album!


Journey to fantastic places including Namibia, Bhutan, Swaziland, Botswana, Italy, Malawi, Zambia, Morocco, Japan, the Arctic and the Antarctic, Alternatively they will work with you to create your own tailor made art holiday.

If you want a short trip, Mary-Anne has also created short break painting and drawing holidays around the UK.

If you’re interested in painting in Africa or any of the other destinations that Art Safari do,  you can contact or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  There website is http://artsafari.co.uk

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