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Most of us have to find ways to top up our savings when travelling. In this video, Macca from GapYear.com gives us his Top Tips on how to find paid work abroad during our Career Break.


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Transcript: Macca Sherifi from GapYear.com speaking to Career Break 360

Hi, my names Macca, I’m a travel editor at at GapYear.com


You can teach English as a Foreign Language and to do that it’s very simple.  You’ve got two choices.  One is if your Degree qualified you can go to anywhere in Asia and teach English.  You can go through a number of companies as well who will sort out your flights, your accommodation as well, but you can just do it off your own back; you know.  I personally I worked in China and I taught English there and I went to a town called Yangshuo which was beautiful on the Yankee River and I kind of went up to a school and I said “do you feel I could teach a few of your students” and there like “yes, you know you speak English very well, we’ll give you a class, give you the advanced class”, so I taught English for a couple of months and really really enjoyed it because not only are you giving them something, you kind of teach them about the world outside China and improving their English skills.  But obviously they’re teaching you so much about their culture as well and it’s so so important and so easy to learn about a country in-depth purely by just associating yourself with the people from that country.  I’m still in contact with a number of my students because they were like great guys, they were really fun and because they’re the advanced class at the end of the day, at the end of the lessons we could go out for a beer afterwards and then it was so informal we could just bounce ideas back and forth.


The thing about Australia and New Zealand is they’re such big countries all based around agricultural work.  You can work in national parks doing conservation work there that pays very well.  You can do fruit picking which is a very popular job for all ages, even working in a bar.

With Australia you’ve got a few companies like SEEK and TAW which is Travellers that Work which are purely set up just for foreign people going over and working.  So those services are there to be used so if your looking for a job you’ve got to make sure that you hit the ground running.  You’ve got to have your CV sorted out, you’ve got to have good references, and you’ve got to grab the bull by the horns, it’s one of the most important things.  People just expect to go out to Australia and get a job and it’s not necessarily the case.  You’ve got to go up to the bars, you’ve got to go into the job agencies and say “this is what I’m good at, this is why you should give me a job”.  And you know more often than not, again if you just kind of roll a dice and show that you’re willing to work and you’re happy to put the hours in; they’ll give you a good job.  You just have to look at the global economy right now.  People are trying so hard to get a job in the UK and a part of me wonders why.  The economy in Australia is booming.  It’s one of the biggest economies at the moment so as long as you go out there and you look for the jobs you will get them, you’ll get good money and from that you can carry on travelling.  When you’re based in somewhere like Perth you’ve got Bali on your doorstep three hours away.  You can go to Singapore, Malaysia, you know it just opens up so many other areas and obviously again you learn so much about that country by basing yourself there

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