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Volunteering on your career break or sabbatical with a sustainable tourism company like Big Beyond is a brilliant way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  It proves you have the self-confidence to go out and gain international work experience as well as show you you can work effectively and communicate with different cultures.

Sustainable tourism company Big Beyond believe in responsible travel and match your vocation with your passion, to give you the best volunteering experience possible.  They give ambitious people the chance to use and expand their skills will local people.  Using your skills; you can make a big difference in some of the most beautiful yet fragile places.

If your knowledge and training has made a big difference to communities, you’ll feel energised.  This will come through in your interview as you show how you’re a hands on proactive person who works and stands for positive sustainable change.

Working vacations with sustainable volunteer companies like Big Beyond will mean you’ll stand out from the crowd in interviews and people will remember your CV.  After all, which candidate looks the most interesting?

“I rolled out training workshops so the business could understand and create  effective department budgets”

“working with a Community Enterprise Program in Malawi, I trained and mentored     small businesses to help them generate alternative incomes and understand how to     budget so their business could develop and grow’.

Big Beyond do sustainable tourism working vacations in Ethiopia, Uganda and Malawi and if  you have any doubts about how passionate they are about their working vacations, check out the interview below.

Transcript – Lizzie Trudgeon – Big Beyond – Sustainable Volunteering company who believe in Responsible Travel

At Big Beyond we design and manage skilled based volunteer expeditions in Africa.

Big beyond means different things to different people, but we’re all about opportunities for local communities in rural Africa and opportunities for people looking for career breaks and people who want to volunteer as well.  It’s about helping people look beyond today and to prosper economically as well.

So what we love to do and what we’re passionate about is is matching up peoples backgrounds, there skills, what they’re interested in and what they’ve learnt in their career, what they’ve leant academically and matching that up with local grass roots projects in and the needs of those projects on the ground.  And we can be really clever about how we do it and we understand that people who are taking a career break are at a point in their life where they might want to explore something different and we can match up what they’ve done in their careers with what they’re hoping to do in the future as well, to design really innovative placements that benefit local communities and help protect the  national parks as well.

What I love about volunteering and what I think is amazing, it’s the opportunity to do more than travel and you really get off the beaten path and you live a different life for a period of time, whether thats a few weeks or a few months you can amerce yourself in a new culture and really live a different life.  It’s the difference between travelling and volunteering is waking up and hearing the morning greetings and just knowing that you’re doing something productive with the skills that you’ve got and that little bit of knowledge can go such a long way.


volunteering in Africa with Big Beyond

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