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TEFL top tips for newly qualified teachers

Are you a newly qualified ESL Teacher?  Will this be your first time living abroad?  If you’re worried about how you will cope, simply relax and follow Andy’s top tips for newly qualified English Teachers.

Remember, living abroad isn’t all about work.  It’s about getting out there, experiencing new cultures and having the guts to step out of your comfort zone and join in the fun.  It’s about growing and improving yourself through your life experiences and savoring every moment.

Teaching Abroad

Teaching English abroad is a great way to support yourself financially. And while you must always strive to to a great teacher, don’t let it envelop you.

You don’t need to be anxious about the next days ESL lesson if you followed Andy’s top teaching tips, you’ve planned everything in advance and you’re got a good arsenal of deliverable activities.  Always make sure you’ve got fun exercises that get the classroom off their feet.  Make sure you’ve got songs, gap fills, mingle exercises and lots of speaking and listening, giving you time to enjoy yourself in the classroom and experience life outside of work.

Travelling Alone

Going on your own?  Don’t stress.  Make it your goal to meet as many people as possible.  Say hi to the girl, shake the guys hand and enjoy yourself!  You’ll be amazed how many really interesting people are out there who you’d never meet in your own country as neither of you would mingle in the same circles.  When you’re living abroad, the rule book of ‘social circles’ is out of the window and onto the bonfire.  Everyone’s in the same boat so everyone mixes.  Click here for peoples Travel Stories.

A Very Different Culture

Don’t know how you will feel living in a different culture?  Find out about the culture, respect it and get involved.  If you know there’s a festival, go along, dive in and have a great time.  Make friends with your neighbours, why not invite them round for dinner?

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