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Not everyone wants to spend their Career Break or Sabbatical doing a whistle stop tour of the world.  Some people want to have a more settled Career Break where they base themselves in one area and immerse themselves in the local culture.  If you are going to take this option, here are a few tips.

Find somewhere to live before you leave.  The majority of people prefer to find somewhere to live when they are in the country, but if you are going to be working on your Sabbatical, will you have the time to go house hunting?

Before you leave it’s a good idea to have an idea which are you want to live in.  You can find out the best areas for you by posting questions on local expat Facebook communities or Career Break / Sabbatical online forums.

How to get accommodation when abroad on your Career BreakRenting

There are plenty of versions of Yellow Pages around the world where you can find estate agents.  Compare prices on different sites to make sure you are being charged fairly. have reasonably priced hotels, guest houses and B&B’s as well as top range hotels, therefore I always check them out first.  You could book a room for a night so you have somewhere to stay when you arrive, and then extend the stay if you like the place

House Swops

This may sound like a risky thing to do, but it could be a good way to get affordable long term accommodation.  Robert got free accommodation for over a month in Hong Kong using


Another cheap way to rent somewhere is a room in a private house.  Staying with locals is an excellent way to be introduced to the culture.  The types of homestays vary from a room with a family to B & B’s.  Homestays often work out cheaper than a hotel or renting a whole flat.  Check out

Homestays, rentals and hotels in Hong KongHouse sitting

House sitting is a way of getting cheap accommodation in non tourist areas.  Long term house sittings allow you to be able to become part of a community, which you can never do staying in a resort.  Check out sites like

After rent, one of the most expensive costs is eating out.  By house sitting you can cook in the house rather than have to eat out every night.  Sometimes you need a night curled up on the sofa rather than in a restaurant.

The neighbours will often be willing to help you out and tell you places to visit that you will not find in guidebooks.



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