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More and more traditional business models are turning out not to be the ‘Safe Bet’ they once were. Only this week RBS announced yet another round of lay offs and even whole industries have been made virtually redundant by changes in technology, the Music business and Blockbusters being classic examples of these. Amongst all this doom and gloom, it’s always refreshing to learn of people applying a new ways to achieve their dream of a Career break or Sabbatical and just this morning I was inspired by a Google Alert about one such ladies story.

Crowdfunding lecturer Marnie Dresser

Marnie Dresser, an English professor at the University of Wisconsin has kickstarted a novel way to fund her career break. She has set out to raise $24,000 by July 1st to fund her one semester sabbatical through crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Her aim is to raise enough to cover the cost of hiring temps to teach in her place whilst she takes her Career Break.

Crowdsourcing Indiegogo

Amongst the rarified world of academia Marnie’s novel approach has certainly raised eyebrows. Many can’t understand that when there are Sabbatical awards available she would choose to take this approach. “If I am designing workshops to help people become more creative, I like the idea of raising the money for a sabbatical in a creative way, and blazing a trail to look at how to do what is really important to us,”

Sabbaticals are an important part of professional development, “They are a wonderful way our faculty members are able to delve much more deeply into their fields. And the ability of our faculty to bring their research back into the classroom is very important.” Marnie blogs about her creative approach and hopes to inspire others to adapt a similar ‘Can Do’ attitude. “For me, this is a story about living from a place of ‘enough’ rather than a place of ‘not enough.’ I am trusting that there is enough good will and money in the world to help me meet my goal,”

So even if you are unfortunate enough to work for an uninspired company or corporation that doesn’t support staff planning a career break, Marnie’s story proves that for every problem there is a solution that isn’t reliant on winning the Lottery or inheriting a pile from a long lost relative.  A number of people have found alternatives to the traditional working model that allows them to lead the life they could only of dreamt of in the past. Recent speakers at the London Career Breakers meetup Marianne Cantwell and Sinead MacManus have both created income streams that allow them to earn a living whilst traveling and Mish and Rob of ‘Making it anywhere’ have built a number of successful business whilst remaining location independent.

Making it anywhere digital nomads

We’d love to hear any ideas you might have for funding your career break, we can certainly help promote your cause and you never know, you might just fire the imagination of others that can help.  Send us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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