October 20, 2012 @ 6:10 pm - posted by Liz

Again there are NO rules for how long a Career Break or Sabbatical leave should be but to me anything under a month is a holiday. We spent 18 months travelling in the far East. I suppose the question is better rephrased as “How long do I need to achieve my goals”?

When we set off on our Career Break, we all have some form of commitments, whether that be family or financial but with our help and with the support of others, what at first may seem momentous obstacles, quickly right size themselves into achievable goals.

What’s more, we can often achieve a number of goals during our Sabbatical leave. For example, a friend of ours took a short term apartment in Barcelona and enrolled in a Spanish language course and practised everyday while soaking in the culture before heading off to explore South America where she didn’t just get the opportunity to put what she learned into practise whilst travelling but continued to improve her Spanish along the way. Now that’s what I call a Win, Win and to top it off when she returned to the UK she was snapped up for a top job when she returned from her travels where her newly acquired proficiency in Spanish was an essential requirement.


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At the age of 39, Liz quit the 'Corporate World', downsized her life and followed her heart. Upon her return she set up CareerBreak360 with Robert to help others achieve their Career Break dreams.

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