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More and more people are choosing to Volunteer on their Career Break or Sabbatical leave. Whether you’re looking to contribute to society or help the enviroment, there’s loads of really great Volunteer projects to choose from.

If you want to learn more about Volunteering on your Career Break, take a look at these great videos:

The Benefits of Volunteering on your Career Break with ‘Plan My Gap Year’

African Wildlife Conservation Volunteering Project

Do you believe in sustainable tourism? Are you serious about making a difference? Why not volunteer with Big Beyond.

Kaya responsible travel

Transcript of interview with Kaya on Choosing a Volunteer Project

My names Heilwig Jones and I’m the founding Director of Kaya Responsible Travel. We’re a travel company that basically focus’ on volunteering abroad projects for all types of people all around the world.

Today what I’m going to talk to you about is how you go about choosing the best volunteer projects for you.

The first thing to really think about is that, I think traditionally people thought of volunteering abroad as a gap year student thing you do in your year out around Uni, but really it isn’t just about that. More and more people are volunteering as career breakers for example, weather thats taking just a couple of weeks off work or actually doing it long term between jobs or sabbatical or as an alternative holiday option, looking for something a little bit different and wanting to find something they can get involved with having done already a different active travel options.

Retirees, a massive group of people who are definitely young at heart and plenty of energy and a lifetime of experience who want to go out and become part of community projects, and even families. More and more families are coming and actually getting the children involved in initiatives with other children in orphanages, schools and also the community, and also with environmental initiatives as well. so there’s just some of the reasons why you might want to volunteer

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