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Returning to work after a career break, job after a career break

Finding a job and returning to work after a Career Break is never a nice thought.

You’ve had a great time, you’ve travelled, you’ve studied, you’ve sunbathed and you’ve raised a glass or two for those ex work colleagues slaving away at their desk from 8-6 while you sat at the beach bar in Cambodia watching the stunning sunset over the sea.

Through your whole Career break, whenever you’ve spared a thought for your old office crowd it’s been with a feeling of sadness as you remembered them penned in their corporate cubicles.

Of course; you due to your kind nature; you did your best to cheer them up by sending them postcards and photos of you enjoying yourself. But now you come to realise you will soon have to find a job to earn some money.  But how do you find a job after a career break

Finding a job after a career break or sabbatical

Don’t be a Beach Bum the Whole Time.

It can be all too tempting to kick off the shoes and spend all your time on the beach with the 50 shades of grey.  By all means, make sure you do get ‘beach time’, but make sure that’s not all you do.  Give time to other activities like volunteering or working.  Not only will this give you great memories and stories, but it will also be invaluable on your CV.  To get a job after a career break you must show the world the life experiences you’ve gained and not that you’ve spent the whole time sitting on your ass on a beach getting a great tan and drinking the local beer.


Before you leave, make sure you’ve got a good network of people on LinkedIn, twitter etc, as these people can be invaluable when getting a job after a career break.  Before you return; tell everyone that you are looking for work so they can start putting out the feelers for you.  A personal recommendation is more likely to get you an interview then sending out a CV.

Write your CV and get it out there

Check out job websites and work out what’s out there.   See what type of jobs you’re interested in so you can start sculpting your CV.  It may be useful to get professional advice on your CV.

Contact Recruitment Agencies before you Return

A good recruitment agency is an excellent source of information for those returning to work after a career break.  They can tell you what’s out there, what your worth £££ and give you some great advice. So start contacting them before you get back so they can start thinking about how to market you.  Also make sure you get appointments in the diary to meet them so they can put a face to a name.  Thank’s to skype and cheap simm cards like Roamline,  calling home is cheap and easy.

Don’t hide the ‘gap’ in your CV

Gaps in your CV always look bad, therefore write you were on a career break during this time and make the most of you of it on your CV, interviews and any networking events.  A  career break can make you stand out from the crowd when looking for a job.  It shows you can plan, take on a challenge as well as taking calculated risks.  It also shows you’re the kind of person who will get up and do something amazing.  Skills you gain by travelling and volunteering may include being a better communicator, problem solving and influencing skills (and no I’m not just talking about that time you bribed the police officer or border official).


Good luck with your job hunt, and remember to plan your approach before you leave!!!!!

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