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Working during your Career Break  can have four main advantages.  Firstly you gain an income, secondly you get to try something different, thirdly you gain new skills during your Sabbatical leave that you would not got from your old job and lastly you are immersed in the culture of where you are.

Below are five places you can explore to get paid work during your Career Break.


1.     Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)Work for the Vuluntary Service Overseas when on your Career Break

VSO are a voluntary organisation fighting poverty.  They have both paid and voluntary work suitable for people on Sabbatical leave.

2.     Flying FishFly fish career break logo

Fly fish will train you up to be an instructor in a variety of activities.  After that you can get paid to teach people something you enjoy.  Activities include sailing, windsurfing, yachting, dinghy sailing, ski instructor…the list goes on.

3.     All Tracks AcademyAll Tracks do ski and snowboard instructor courses for career breakers

Do a number of Ski and snowboard instructor courses

4.     TEFL EnglandTEFL England (Teaching English as a Foreign Lanaguage) courses and advise on TEFL and CELTA

They have both TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses and advice for TEFL jobs both in the UK and around the world.

5.     Oyster WorldwideOyster offer voluntary and paid work from two weeks to a year for people on Career Breaks

Career Break from two weeks to a year.  They offer various voluntary and paid work from ski instructors to farm work.


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Robert was born with a Wonderlust and nothing excites him more than travel. He recently spent time living in Vietnam teaching English. Upon his return, he and Liz set up CareerBreak360 to help others achieve their Career Break goals.

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