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As well as thinking of ways to save money for your career break, you should start thinking about how to make money to travel.

If you don’t use it, sell it!


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Look around your home and see what you can sell.  Most of us have enough junk and clutter to fill a landfill site, BUT, remember one man’s junk is another man’s gold.

What can you sell on e-bay?  What can go to the car boot sale (yard sale for out US friends)? I sold loads of stuff on ebay like handbags, drills, sat nav, as well as selling CD’s, DVD’s, books, coat hangers, lamp shades and anything else at car boot sales.

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Work more

YUK!  I know it’s what you’re trying to escape from, but you’re going to need all the money you can get.  Can you work over time or get extra shifts?  If you can’t get overtime, what about getting an evening or weekend job.  It may be hard work, but just reminding yourself that  your goal is to make money to travel.  But, make sure you don’t over do it and burn yourself out.

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Have a look at freelance sites like ODesk and People per Hour.  Also check out if there’s any freelance work on Craigslist.   Whilst most of the work on these sites isn’t particularly well paid, anything you do will add to the savings, and lets face it, while the money may be crap by UK standards, if you’re going to spend a month or two in the Philippines or Cambodia, that money can go a long way.  Remember, if you get a good reputation on these sites, you can pick up work while you travel which is always a great thing.

Also, if you’re good at design work, check out 99 designs.

Rent out your spare room?

If you’ve got a spare room, why not take in a lodger?  In the UK you can earn up to £4,250 a year tax-free under the ‘Rent a Room’ scheme.

If you’ve got a garage that you never use, maybe you could rent this out to someone.  You could also take a look at if you don’t want a permanent housemate.

If you have any great ideas on how to make money to travel during your career break, let us know.

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