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Memories of sitting outside a brightly painted run down café in a backwater town in South America, chatting with locals in the midday sun are far more vivid than sitting there talking to no-one. You gain far more great memories, experiences and knowledge by talking to locals that you would if you can’t converse. So, before you travel to your Spanish paradise or European cultural Nevada, think about how learning a foreign language will make your Career Break or Sabbatical more fun. If you want to travel across the African continent, what languages do the countries you plan to visit speak? Would some knowledge of French help?

tips for learning a foreign language

Language barriers are always challenging, even for the seasoned traveler. While English is one of the most popular and widespread languages across the globe, there are more people who don’t speak it than those who do. Learning the language of the area you are planning to explore is an excellent way to meet locals and amerce yourself in the culture.

The are benefits to learning a new language go beyond travel. To excel in your particular career, many companies are looking for cultured individuals able to speak more than one language. Learning a new language can help you make leaps in your career path and shows that old dogs can learn new tricks.

The suggestions below, are ways to help you learn another language and make the most of your travel experiences.

Helpful tips for learning a foreign language

Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

Language Programs

There are a wide assortment of different programs out there you can buy to help you learn a foreign language. Rosetta Stone is the world’s number one software for learning a foreign language and has helped millions to learn a new language. It’s really easy to use and focuses on four language skills, these being Listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you’re like me and find learning languages challenging, Rosetta Stone Language Software could be great as you can go at your own pace and keep reviewing what you’ve learned.

Online Courses
Another great way to pick up a foreign language is to study via online courses. Chinese, Italian, German, French, Japanese, and a wide range of other languages are available via real-time online courses with qualified instructors.

Attending Classes

Throughout the UK, you can find evening classes in foreign languages, weather it be in Spanish, Mandarin, German or just about any other language, you can find a language class. .


Sometimes getting to classes can be a headache as you find yourself rushing across town to get there in time and turning up looking like a drowned rat as you have waded through the storms. If your workload means every day you finish at a different time, maybe a personal tutor would be more suitable. Tutors give you one-on-one training at a time and day convenient for you.

Learning in Paradise

Learning enough of the language to communicate before you travel will be useful, but no amount of classes you take can substitute for hands-on experience. Actually visiting the country and learning the language from native speakers is how you will come to understand context, structure, inflection, and even colloquial parts of the language which will help you to speak it fluently. This is an opportunity that not everyone has available to them, but if the opportunity does arise, you should embrace it.

Useful Links

Below are some links to some common Rosetta Stone courses.

Learning a language with Rosseta stone

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Rosetta Stone – Learn Spanish (Latin America)

Rosetta Stone – Learn Spanish (Latin America) online

Rosetta Stone – Learn French

Rosetta Stone – Learn French online

Rosetta Stone – Learn Chinese (Mandarin)

Rosetta Stone Arabic – Language-learning software

Rosetta Stone – Learn Arabic online



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