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Macca Sherifi, travel editor at GapYear.com has a quick chat with CareerBreak360 at the Adventure Travel Show about why he became a travel editor, what you can do on your gap year or career break and why it’s great to travel.  Click here to listen to Part 1 of this two part video.

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Hi My names Macca and I’m the travel editor at GapYear.com.

Essentially I got the position purely through taking a gap year for a couple of years myself.  I used my gapyear to decide what I wanted in life, what I was good at and I kind of decided that I was quite good at writing, quite good at taking photos and that’s how I got into journalism.

Today I’m talking at The Adventure Travel Show about what you can do on your gap year, at it’s essentially three main things.   Backpack, that seeing the sites, seeing some of the most amazing places in the world.  You can volunteer. Popular volunteering projects vary from building an orphanage in Cambodia to volunteering with animals in south America and the ever popular working on marine conservation in the Seychelles, thats a bit more expensive that one.  And then finally we’ve got working abroad.  Two of the most popular projects again are Teaching English as a foreign Language (TEFL).  South Korea and China pay very very well.  You can get 18 grand a year, 20 grand a year.  They’ll pay for flights, accommodation, you get good holidays, good packages, and of course working in Australia.  Minimum wage out there is about £12 per hour so it’s absolutely fantastic, just even if you’re working in a pub or fruit picking, you can save £400, £500, £600 a week, that’s after everything else like accommodation, food and so.

One of the things that people always confuse with Gap Year is they always think its 17-25.  But it’s not at all.  Its about anyone and everyone.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, as long as you’ve got this desire to go out there and see the world, see something different  and really experience life and thats what travelling about, thats what it gives you.

On my travels, I’ve travelled to over 40 different countries now.  Each one is unique, each one is different.  It’s such an indescribable feeling, it’s right in the core of your chest.  It makes you happy, that’s exactly what it does.  You know people in careers will save up their holidays and go on two week holidays.  That’s what they’ve worked for, it fulfils them, where as when you’re travelling, you have that feeling that  two week feeling for two months .  The type of places you can go, South America’s really up and coming,  South East Asia is so popular at the moment, especially Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.   As long as your out there, doing something different, truly trying to live your life, then that’s one thing we’ve all got in common.  That’s one thing we’re all trying to do.

You can read more about Macca at www.gapyear.com/press-office/about-macca-sherifi

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Macca Sherifi travel writer at Gapyear.com

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