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There are some great Career Break websites and travel apps out there to help you when travelling on your Career Break or Sabbatical.  They can help you with anything from finding work abroad to fund your trip, meeting travel companions, meeting locals, places to stay and planning your trip.  Amanda Foley from Gogobot takes us through some of her best Career Break travel websites and travel apps.


My talk isn’t particularly structured, I just wanted to talk a little bit about different websites and services that might help you if you’re planning sabbatical or career break.

Gogobot combines a lot of different functionalities so it’s sort of like Wikipedia, Trip Advisor and Yelp all combined.  You can get information from other people, you can plan your travels, you can book hotels, you can book restaurants, you can create like a pinterest like wish list of all your different destinations.  It’s really really very cool and there’s a really cool community aspect similar to like Lonely Planet forums where you can ask questions and get that really informed feedback from the community.

Once you actually plan your trip and you get abroad, one of the really hard things can be socialising or meeting people; because it can be really isolating to travel for a long time by yourself, particularly if you’re in a non-English speaking country therefore it’s really good to have some great travel apps and travel websites.

I’ve put together a few things which you have already probably heard of.  Yelp is a really good travel website one as well if, particularly if you’re a foody, Airbnb is not just accommodation it’s a really really good way to meet people and to meet locals, even if you’re not planning on staying at that property for very long time, if you’re going to seek other accommodation it can be a greate travel app to get started with a circle of friends or to be shown around the city.

CouchSurfing is another one, similar to Airbnb except you don’t pay and the accommodations can be questionable.

But being really really active on social media is really important for meeting people when your abroad, you know having a twitter page, having a blog, that’s a really easy way to meet people, so if your active on twitter, it’s the online equivalent of walking into a busy pub and saying hello.

Meetup groups is another good one and they have these everywhere and that’s how I started to meet people, when I moved over here [London].  As well as the website they also have a travel app.

Gogobot recently had a travel salon in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago and our panellists talked about everything from saving money for long term travel; to places that you can travel to that are affordable and also ways that you can work while you’re travelling.

There’s a website, a blog called the BareFoot Nomad and he has a really great post called ’45 jobs you can do while travelling the world and how to get them’, and that lists everything from organic farming to au pair to yacht club to, just everything and anything you can think of that are easy jobs you can get abroad that you don’t necessary need a visa for.

If you can do any sort of writing, copy writing, marketing, little bits of design, any sort of web design, there’s two really good websites that you can get small projects to do while you’re travelling to supplement your income, and those are Elance and oDesk.com.  It’s not just for really super techy people, they also have so copywriting, which you  just need to have proficient English for as well as some basic marketing roles, which is pretty cool, and the other one with more traditional sort of travel jobs, less online ones is workaway.info, is a really really good one.

Another one of the best travel websites, I just discovered this week, I’ve never used it but it looks really interesting is a start-up called ‘eat with a local’ and it’s what it says on the tin, you just go and meet someone wherever you’re travelling and have dinner with them; so they can introduce you to some traditional cuisine and maybe teach you a little bit of the language, and that’s pretty much all I have.  I just wanted to talk about my favourite travel websites.



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