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We love this travel video and want to share it with you. In a world full of people offering travel advice, few sum up the benefits of travel with such insight and humour as this one.

We would love to claim credit for this genius travel video, but to be honest, it was sent to us and we are unable to find it’s source.

If ever there were a definitive list of best travel tips, this is it and check the lyrics below.


Ladies and gentlemen

If I could offer you only one tip for life’s long journey
Travelling would be it

The benefits of travelling are immeasurable
It will open your eyes
Broaden your mind
And vastly expand the range of your wardrobe

And before you go
I’d like to pass on a little travel advice
some of this i’ve learned from my own experiences
Most of it has been passed onto me
so I can’t take credit for it
I will share this advice with you now

Wear suncream
Pack all the clothes you think you need
then take out at least half
Trust me
You won’t need them

Always pack your smile
You will need it
and it will get you through all sorts of tricky situations

Don’t waste your time lying around just to get a tan
It will only fade when you return

Instead do something that makes you feel warm inside
That feeling won’t fade

Take your camera with you everywhere
and take photos of everything

In the weeks, months and years that follow
You’ll look back
and appreciate them more and more

Don’t take too many photos in bars
Climb a mountain

Keep a pack of moist toilet tissues with you
You never know when or how you might need them

Talking loudly and slowly to a local will not make them understand you better

It will only make you sound stupid

Go wild
Always buy insurance, Imodium tablets
and hope they both prove to be a waste of money

Travel overland
Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint
you’ll also see more of the countries you are visiting
Just make sure you get a seat

Spend time with the locals
you will find them much more interesting then the people you are used to

If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford it
Stay in a 5 star hotel at least once

If you can, stay in a local shack or mud hut
and you will realise just how lucky you really are

Leave a part of you in the places you visit
That way a part of those places will stay with you

Make a difference
Eat the local food
It’s usually cheaper and better

Keep a diary of every days events
the more things you do
the harder it will be to remember them all

Embrace local cultures and customs
But know when to stop

Do not let the tribes people of Ethiopia convince you
that it is a good idea to have a large disk inserted behind your bottom lip
You’ll only regret it when you go back home

Approach everything with an open mind

Live as a local
Help to develop the places you visit
It’s a great way to develop yourself

Don’t plan too much as things will change
Just plan to do and experience as much as you can each day
As you may never get the chance to do it again

Understand the true meaning of travel
Give something back
travelling is all about changing environments, changing perspectives and changing views
and if done right
it can change lives

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