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One of the great things about taking a Career Break is that it opens your eyes to the many wonders of the world that we were always too busy to really appreciate before.

Likewise, since starting CareerBreak360, both Liz and I have been so wrapped up in the world of WordPress, SEO and Google Analytics creating this blog that we thought it was time to take a breather and focus on some of the other great Career Break sites out there.

We are always surprised by the number of books on the subject of career breaks and rather than review these now; we’ll save that for a later date. Don’t worry we have No plans on a book of our own but instead look our for “Career Break, the Movie” showing soon at a screen near you…….

I should state that this list is alphabetical and not in order of preference.

logo for career break africa

Career Break Africa 

Career Break Africa match skilled professionals with volunteer opportunities where you can add the most benefit based on the needs of a community. It’s not just Doctors and teachers that are required, there are opportunities for a wide range of skills as diverse as project management, sports coaching, plumbing and PR. You will have the opportunity to apply your skill set for between three months and a year and throughout your stay you will receive free accommodation and meals whilst knowing that your contribution is making a real difference. @CareerBreakAfri


logo for career break coach


Sue AKA the Career Break Coach has taken not just one Career Break but two, I call that just plain greedy….She has since made her passion her career and now coaches people on how to capitalise on the opportunity to both enjoy a Career Break and return to the workplace without loosing out. She runs workshops and has written a book on the topic, “Your Career Break: the How to guide” which takes readers through a series of step by step guides to reach their goals. My only beef with Sue is that she has left the UK and is now based in the States. We need all the support we can for the Career Break movement here in England so I hope Sue does the right thing and comes back soon. @yourcareerbreak


career break secrets logo

Career Break Secrets 

This was one of the original Career Break sites and full of fun information and advice for your travels. The internet is full of companies that will sell you your travel package, Career Break Secrets is one of the few sites that will help you plan for a successful career break. They also have a series of travel show episodes available on iTunes and Jeff has just recently published “The Career Break Traveller’s Handbook”,

“When I left my job, the term “career break” didn’t really exist. I want to show that a career break is possible for you, how to plan for it, how to get the most out of your time on the road, and how to use your career break to your advantage once you re-enter the workforce.”  Jeff Jung   @CareerBrkSecret


logo for meet_plan_go


Meet, Plan, Go

This was the first site that really struck a chord with what we wanted to create when we first started exploring the idea of blogging about Career Breaks. They “envision a world where the term ‘career break’ is a part of your overall career strategy” and we completely agree with that. They also run a series of workshops across the States and a Career Break Basic training course. Sherry is also a highly respected travel blogger in her own right. @MeetPlanGo

Logo for Reboot your life

Reboot Your Life

We love these ladies and their quest to inspire a generation to reject the idea of settling down in later years. They run regular retreats and workshops to revise and identify life goals and they’ve also written the Reboot your Life book too. We simply cannot speak highly enough of these women. @rebootbreak


logo for grown up gap year

The Grown Up Gap Year

I admit I only discovered this site yesterday but I was so thrilled to find another UK Career Break site that wasn’t just full of affiliate sales links that I just had to include it. We all have to do our bit to support local talent and Emily writes about a whole bunch of relevant and interesting Career Break topics. I hope she will come and speak at the London Career Breakers Meetup sometime soon. @grownupgapyear

If you are looking to find out more about Career Breaks click here



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Robert was born with a Wonderlust and nothing excites him more than travel. He recently spent time living in Vietnam teaching English. Upon his return, he and Liz set up CareerBreak360 to help others achieve their Career Break goals.

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