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After writing my 5 Career Break Trips of a lifetime, I realised that 5 wasn’t enough, therefore I’ve added another 5 to the list of where I want to visit on my Sabbatical

Sapa, Northern Vietnam

A lot of guidebooks recommend the World Heritage site at Halong Bay but unless your ideal trip is a visit to Disneyland, I’d stay clear and instead head to the northern district of Sapa on your Career Break, home to diverse ethnic hill tribes with rugged scenery and breath taking views. The charming hill town of Sapa, surrounded by picturesque mountains and rice terraces has an almost Alpine feel to it.

Pictures of Sapa, in the North of Vietnam


Grand Canyon

Considered one of the seven wonders of the world, this awe inspiring sight overwhelms the senses with it’s sheer size and proportions. Nothing can prepare the you for your first visit. The national park was founded by Roosevelt and is now considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in the USA.

visit the Grand Canyon, USA on your Career Break or Sabbatical

Machu Pichu

Often referred to as the lost city of the Inca’s, this UNESCO Word Heritage site is one of the most famous and spectacular sets of ruins in the world. No trip to Peru would be complete without a visit. Dramatically perched at 2,430 metres, visitors need to acclimatise themselves gradually or suffer altitude sickness.

Visit Machu Pichu for your Happy Holiday

Xian, China

I’ve heard it said that “if you haven’t been to Xi’an, you haven’t been to China’ Home of the terracotta warriors and over 3,000 years it has been the capital of 13 dynasties and 73 emperors. Needless to say that with this amount of history there is plenty to see and do.

Visit Xian, China when on your grown up gap year


I first heard of Bhutan in a documentary some time ago and was smitten there and then. This is a country that measures it’s nations wealth in happiness, actively discourages tourism, where the rice is red and buying cigarettes illegal. Now that I am a non-smoker, it’s high on my trip list.

Let your Wanderlust take you to Bhutan

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