October 17, 2012 @ 1:08 pm - posted by Liz

A Career Break or Sabbatical leave is not your traditional student ‘Gap Year’ There is no requirement to travel the world living out of a rucksack. If you’re like us, we prefer a more focussed approach but travel is often included in a Career Break or Sabbatical. Which one of us hasn’t dreamt of some far off land and the adventure this invokes.

People on a Career Breaker or Sabbatical leave often take the opportunity to dedicate time to achieving a long time goal such as learning a foreign language, Volunteering or taking up a new hobby such as creative writing or even learn to Scuba diving, the list is endless and lets not forget taking that trip we’ve always dreamed of.


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At the age of 39, Liz quit the 'Corporate World', downsized her life and followed her heart. Upon her return she set up CareerBreak360 with Robert to help others achieve their Career Break dreams.

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