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Last month Liz and I took a much needed short break to Tunisia. Even though neither of us have been there before, ‘Adventure and Exploration’ were the last thing on our minds. What we needed was good old fashioned ‘R & R’  but by day 2 of our rigorous regime of ‘Eating and Sleeping’, we started thinking about how much things have changed since returning from our Career Break and we also made the biggest decision of our lives….. but more of that later!

IMG_1299Rest and Relaxation

It’s now two years since we returned from our Career Break and Liz has proved beyond doubt that a Career Break needn’t damage anyone’s Career prospects.… She landed a great contract within weeks of returning to the UK, earning significantly more and has since been head hunted by one of the worlds leading consulting companies.


The main reason for returning to the UK was to buy our flat (Apartment for all our US friends). We had naively imagined that this wouldn’t take more than six months to complete, how wrong we were but we have now finalised the sale and the place is ours to do as we wish. We’ve started to ‘Fix it Up’ which has already proven to be as stressful as everyone warned us it would be but what the hell ‘Onwards and Upwards’…..

Robert fixing flatLiz says I look like a Minnion from Despicable Me!

The question is now what will we do once our nest is complete, do we really want to tread the corporate treadmill till we retire? Having tasted a ‘Better’ way of life, are we content to settle for the corporate routine? and if not, what will we do instead?

We are the first to admit that we don’t know the answers to these questions but we’ve decided to give it a go.

Starting out again

One of the other big questions is ‘Where will we go?’ We both miss the Far East and the many friends we left behind so it seems sense to start there. Our thinking is that by starting our ‘Quest’ somewhere we’re already familiar with, we can focus 100% on working the rest out.

Likewise Teaching English as a foreign Language was a great way to fund our Career Break and we both loved teaching so much that it sometimes seemed criminal to call it work, so it makes sense to do this again but will we find it challenging enough in the long term?

Kids in TunisiaIt’s amazing how similar children are all over the world


Everything I’ve covered so far is pretty big life changing stuff but nothing compared to what we decided to do next. After almost seven years together, we have decided to ‘Tie the Knot’ and get married before we head off on our next Adventure. The service will be held in the The Mayors Parlour’ because Liz loves the Old World woodwork and regal colours. I’m not suggesting she’s a bit of a princess, but…… The date has been set for next week and All Career Breakers are Welcome.

IMG_1310Princess Elizabeth in the ‘Throne Room’

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Robert was born with a Wonderlust and nothing excites him more than travel. He recently spent time living in Vietnam teaching English. Upon his return, he and Liz set up CareerBreak360 to help others achieve their Career Break goals.

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